The establishment of Wanzhou Holding Group is not just a change of name, but a change of concept, a change of thinking, a change of operation mode, a change of effectiveness, and all changes are brought into a benign track. Everything gets better and everything gets stronger. Wanzhou Group attribute is a physical enterprise, and it should be a dynamic composite enterprise. In my opinion, Wanzhou is an economic Wanzhou, Wanzhou is a cultural Wanzhou, Wanzhou is a political Wanzhou, and three-dimensional interaction can be three yuan and three.

The first is economic prosperity. The economy is the foundation, the foundation is weak, and the mountain is shaken. The starting point and end point are to maximize the employee's labor efficiency, to optimize the internal operation process of the enterprise, to optimize the company's products, to optimize the after-sales service, and to maximize energy saving and emission reduction. Excellent, to optimize the scientific innovation of machine substitution, and to optimize the comprehensive benefits. The seven best is the lifeline of all Wanzhou people. You cannot relax for a moment, nor can you neglect at least.

The second is politics. Every group in the society today, every individual, has political attributes. The political ecology of our country is becoming more and more open and open, social governance is becoming more and more civilized and effective, citizens' sense of gain and happiness is becoming more and more satisfying, and the power of ruling the country by law is increasingly strengthened. Our company is the cell of this big society, and the cell lives with the blood. Therefore, we must rely on the social environment to survive and develop with the help of the social environment. If you go against the trend, no one knows how to die.

The third is culture. The Confucianism and Taoism, the Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism culture of the hundred scholars are the spiritual food that the Chinese nation has lived for a long time. The spiritual connotation of Mao Zedong Thought in modern society and Xi Jinping's socialist thought in the new era has become the essence of philosophy, social science, and political economy. The movie "Amazing, My Country" is on the air. China Bridge, China Road, China Ship, China Net, China are showing material civilization, and the core is the power of Chinese culture. "Great, my Wanzhou" asked us to write a good answer from the construction of cultural Wanzhou!

I like to see Qiandao Qianzhonglang, heroes everywhere, next to the smoke, many romantic figures still look at the present. In Wanzhou people's ideals and beliefs, hard work and hard work, one day is better than one day, and one year is stronger than one year.